Sisters Beepball Game

Cheering on The Sassy Sisters of Puget Sound.

On Saturday, August 26th, Sister Carpenters of Locals 206, 360 & 425 teamed up as ‘The Sassy Sisters’ to compete with The Puget Sound Wave for their third annual Beepball Game. Beepball, for those who are unfamiliar, is a competitive sport that emulates baseball, developed specifically for players who are blind or visually impaired. All players are blindfolded, and audio cues guide players to swing the bat and score runs.  

Sister Linda Romanovitch of Local 206 organizes this event partnering with members from the Washington Council of the Blind. A personal connection to the blind community inspired Romanovitch to request Council endorsement to sponsor the annual games. Giving Sisters the opportunity to engage in an inclusive sport that defies limitations has been an eye-opening experience. Many Carpenter players have commented on how much they didn’t realize how dependent they are on their vision, and how playing a blind sport can enhance other senses.  

Our Sassy Sisters lost this year’s game, but overall, the event was noted as a win. Recapping the game, Romanovitch said, “Our third annual game was a big success! Our engagement with the blind and visually impaired community was especially heartwarming. We have become their most favorite competitors and in return the Carpenters Union has a loud and enthusiastic cheering squad.” 

The Sisters of Puget Sound put on this event every August and encourage members of their locals and members of the community to attend and participate.  


Click here to view a video of the game.