South San Diego’s Landmark Year in Labor Wins and PLAs

2023 was a tremendous year for labor unions across the country with victories in the form of new contracts for workers in various trades.

A recent report from KPBS specifically highlights the gains that South San Diego construction unions made last year. In a major victory for the Council and organized labor in general, two cities in San Diego County passed laws supporting project labor agreements (PLAs).

Chula Vista and National City, as part of the PLAs, will now mandate Union wages and benefits for all workers on large publicly funded construction projects. By following the standards set by union guidelines, all workers are ensured the quality of life they deserve. “It’s just having a better job, wages and benefits,” said Ricardo Sanchez of Local 619, at a National City council meeting last November. “Everybody deserves to live good and to be able to retire with dignity.”

The new laws will cover a broad range of projects in the South Bay cities making sure that many, both union and non-union, workers will benefit throughout San Diego. As the report states, 2023 was the year of the union and the Western States Council of Carpenters is proud to have been part of leading the way towards these monumental victories.