Southwest Carpenters Expands to the North

SWMSRCC welcomes Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming members.

Last year, our Council focused heavily on letting the public know that we build better. Now we can say we build bigger as the Southwest expands North!

The addition of Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming brings our total membership to over 65,000 members. More members equal more contractors and more opportunities.

During the last 20 years, our Union has done everything to act with our members’ best interest in mind. This is achieved by ensuring that there are Union jobs, wages, and benefits so that our working families are well taken care of.

Join us in welcoming our newest Brothers and Sisters to the Southwest. Regardless of where we are located, we continue to be One Brotherhood, One Union – 10 states strong, from border to border.

Click the video below to watch EST Pete Rodriguez’s official message.