Southwest Delegates Attend the UBC General Convention

Despite the many challenges we’ve faced this year, Delegates from the Southwest were able to virtually attend the 42nd General Convention.

This weekend, more than 100 Delegates from throughout the Southwest came together at a satellite location for the 42nd UBC General Convention. Due to the pandemic, all in attendance were required to follow additional safety measures and precautions. All business, typically conducted over a 4-day period, was compacted to one day. Every Delegate was present to vote on important issues pertaining to the constitution, leadership and more. After all the votes were tallied, General President Doug McCarron and the rest of #TheMcCarronTeam were re-elected for another term. We look forward to 5 more years of General President McCarron’s leadership!

5 more years of #TheMcCarron Team!

Congratulations to the elected Executive Board:

General President – Doug McCarron

General Vice President – Frank Spencer

Second General Vice President – David Tharp

General Secretary – Treasurer – Thomas Flynn

Western District Vice President – Randy Thornhill

Eastern District Vice President – Bill Waterkotte

Southern District Vice President – Dennis Donahou

Midwestern District Vice President – Mark McGriff

Canadian District Vice President – Jason Rowe