SWMSRCC Rolls Out PSA Initiative to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Fellow Brothers, Sisters, and community partners answered the call to help break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Carpenters must be in strong physical shape to do the job. However, mental strength is equally important and unfortunately, oft times overlooked. The SWMSRCC takes our members’ mental health seriously and as part of President Hawk’s Brotherhood Outreach for Strength and Support (BOSS) committee, we are prioritizing our members wellness from boots to hardhat.

Last year the SWMSRCC released a series of public service announcements from politicians, leadership, prominent figures, and local leadership to encourage our brothers and sisters to seek help if they are mentally not feeling 100 percent. The intention of these messages is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and remind members that it’s okay to not be okay and that help is a hotline away.

If you would like some encouragement from your brothers and sisters, you can watch the PSA’s in the video link above.