Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the Week of November 7th.

A Flag for Every Hero

Carpenters from Local 951 visited Riverside National Cemetery in honor of Veteran’s day. This weekend over 100 Carpenters and their families partnered with Flag for Every Hero to continue the tradition of placing flags at the final resting place of military members. The flags were distributed  in about three hours; filling the vast green expanse with stars & stripes as far as the eye could see.


Election day is less than 24 hours away! Have you done all it takes to Vote? Use the tool in this link for a personalized list for Carpenter-endorsed candidates on your ballot. Click here to use the tool. If you received a ballot be sure to fill, sign, and drop it off at your closest election box. Or vote in-person tomorrow before 8pm PST.

Vacation Checks

Vacation checks will begin arriving on Nov. 23rd if you opted for direct deposit. All other checks should arrive in mailboxes by Dec. 1st. If you receive a small envelope, no action is required. If you receive a large envelope, be sure to complete and submit all documentation to avoid a delayed payout. For more information contact the Carpenters Trust.