Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of April 24th.

San Diego Combine Day 

Over 500 hopefuls attending this year’s San Diego Combine Day event at San Diego City College this past weekend. 50+ Signatory Contractors were in attendance and ready to hire on the spot. They evaluated participants on their attitude, hustle, and desire to learn. With the infrastructure bill creating an increased demand for skilled workers, there’s never been a better time to obtain a career in construction with good Union wages and benefits. Stay tuned for future Carpenter Combine Day event dates to be announced.


Stronger Than Ever Magazine Arriving In Homes This Week

There is no denying that 2022 was the year of growth for our Union. We are excited to announce that the new edition of the Stronger Than Ever Magazine is set to arrive in homes this week. Keep an eye on your mailboxes to see what our Brothers and Sisters have been up to in the past year.

Building a better Union 10 states strong!


Career Connections Hosting Open House

Career Connections will host students and their families at the Build Better Futures Orientation Meeting at the Whittier Training Center. The “open house” style event will give families the opportunity to meet the Career Connections’ team, local contractors, and apprenticeship personnel. They will learn the necessary requirements to become a professional Union Carpenters and walk through the process so they know what to expect. For more information about this event, please contact a Career Connections Outreach Specialist or visit swmscareerconnections.org.