SWMSRCC Top Three: Week of November 28

Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of November 28st.

Vacation Checks Roll-Out

This week, keep an eye on your mailbox for a physical check if you have not opted-in for direct deposit. Vacation checks are coming. Contact SW Carpenters Trust if you have any issues.

CUPP Gift Card and Cooler For Participants with 24+ Hours

If you have accumulated more than 24 CUPP hours, you should have received a Soft-Cooler and Gift Card by mail. Time is running out to collect CUPP hours for this term, visit your states’ galaxy portal to browse available participation opportunities.

Local 743 First Meeting

Bakersfield Local 743 will conduct their first meeting since being re-instated at the last Delegates meeting. The meeting is on December 3rd. To get involved with your local, visit the events page to view a schedule for local meetings.