SWMSRCC Top Three: Week of September 4th

Here is this weeks SWMSRCC Top Three for September 4th.

Labor Day Celebrations
This Labor Day Locals across the Council donned their Union gear and took to the streets to celebrate shoulder-to-shoulder with our Brothers and Sisters. Locals held parades, picnics, and engaged with the community from the reaches of Alaska and as far south as New Mexico to celebrate the national holiday. Participating in Labor Day parades is a rite of passage for the SWMSRCC as the Carpenters held the first Labor Day parade in 1882.

Click here to view a photos from the event.

Western District Drywall and Flooring Finals
This Saturday, the best of the best Drywall and Flooring Union Carpenters will compete at the Western District Drywall and Flooring Finals! NorCal Carpenters will be hosting the Final at their Pleasanton, CA Training Center, where competitors from each of the three participating Councils will be in attendance. Join us in-person at the NorCal Carpenters Pleasanton, CA Training Center Scan or follow this link to RSVP to view the competition LIVE!

Suicide Prevention Month
September is Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide remains the leading cause of death among construction workers. Sept. 4-8 is Construction Suicide Prevention Week. During this time, the construction industry is taking a stand to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness, and helping prevent any others in our field from dying by suicide. This month, we remind everyone to keep their head on a swivel and keep mental health resources on hand to share with a Brother or Sister in need. If you or someone are in need of resources, please reference the BOSS stickers and QR codes at the job sites (usually located on gang boxes) or visit swmscarpenters.org/mental-health. It is up to us to break the stigma.