Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of April 18th.

Tax Fraud Days of Action 2022:

Another week-long series of events highlighting Tax Fraud Days of Action is in the book.  In total, 12 Locals participated in 15 Tax Fraud Days of Action events across the Southwest.  These events included speaking at 13 City Council meetings and two press conferences with Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and Arizona Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes.  Tucson Mayor Regina Romero issued a Proclamation instituting Tax Fraud Day of Action in the city and DA Gascon announced an agreement with the California Labor Commissioner to bolster the investigation and prosecution of wage theft. ABC 7 and Telemundo Los Angeles covered the press conference in Whittier with DA Gascon.

Congresswoman Katie Porter to Visit the Inland Empire:

Congresswoman Katie Porter is touring the Interstate 405 and Highway 22 interchange project in Westminster this week.  The Congresswoman will tour a federally funded construction site where local workers are helping improve Southern California’s infrastructure and reduce traffic.

Colorado Senate Bill 22-161:

Colorado Senate Bill 22-161 was introduced and is up for a hearing this week. The bill updates and modifies laws pertaining to the payment of wages, employee misclassification, and workplace safety, and the enforcement procedures and remedies for violations of those laws. This is Local 555’s bill and is sponsored by Colorado State Senators Jesse Danielson and Sonya Jaquez Lewis.