Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of April 25th.


California Assembly Bill 2011 is the Affordable Housing and High Roads Jobs Act of 2022.

The bill is being introduced tomorrow to the Assembly Committee on Housing and Committee Development by Committee Chair Buffy Wicks. More than 100 Union Carpenters from both the SWMSRCC and the Northern California Regional Council will be rallying on the steps of the State Capitol in support of the bill.

This bill, endorsed by affordable housing groups and labor, will unlock a wave of new affordable housing in underutilized commercial areas—and ensure this development includes strong labor standards that grow the blue-collar, middle-class construction workforce needed to maintain stable, economically healthy community.

The bill also includes unprecedented new homeownership opportunities for middle- and lower-income Californians, while also promoting climate-friendly affordable development on sites close to jobs and transit—in areas that won’t impact on the density or character of existing residential areas.

Tax Fraud Days of Action Wrap Up:

Tax Fraud Days of Action are now a wrap in the Southwest Mountain States.  Over 5 days, thousands of Carpenters took part in events across 17 cities including speaking at City Council meetings, rallies, and press conferences.  Outcomes of our efforts include Tucson Mayor Romero Issues Proclamation declaring April 11-15th as Tax Fraud Week of Action. Arizona Attorney General Candidate Kris Mayes vows to develop a task force to combat tax/payroll fraud in her first 100 days in office. The Irvine City Council amends the Irvine municipal code requiring subcontractors to provide verification of workers’ compensation insurance and subcontractor state labor violations. Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announces agreement with the California Labor Commissioner to bolster the investigation and prosecution of wage theft.  Watch the wrap up video HERE.

National Volunteer Month:

April is National Volunteer Month. This month we have highlighted the CUPP program as its the SWMSRCC’s volunteer program. Last year through CUPP, we numbered over 13,000 volunteers and this year our goal is 16,000. To thank our volunteer’s for their time and energy, this program will reimburse up to $500 in expenses, including our childcare, gas expenses and car repair programs and more.  We also profiled Local 661’s Enrique Apodaca. Enrique was CUPP’s #1 volunteer for 2021!  You can see is profile HERE.