Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of April 4th.

Combine Day San Diego:

Combine Day San Diego is this Saturday.  Hiring contractors will be joining hundreds of people at San Diego City College for an opportunity to get hired and become a Union Carpenter.

Register here:

Tax Fraud Days of Action:

TFDOA starts next week: April 11-April 16th.  Events will be taking place across the Southwest Mountain States including press conferences with Arizona Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes at the Phoenix Training Center on April 13th and Los Angeles Attorney General George Gascon at the Whittier Training Center on April 14th.

UBC General President Doug McCarron has written a post on the Stop Tax Fraud blog, “Fresh Evidence of Tax Fraud’s Toll.”  Read it Here.

Amazon Workers Unionize:

Employees at an Amazon warehouse on New York’s Staten Island voted Friday to join a union, a groundbreaking move for organized labor.

The tally was 2,654 votes in favor of joining the union and 2,131 opposed. Approximately 8,325 workers were eligible to vote whether to become part of the Amazon Labor Union. There were 67 challenged ballots, a gap that’s too narrow to change the outcome of the election. The results still need to be formally certified by the National Labor Relations Board.  Read more about the vote Here.