SWRCC Top Three: Week of January 4th

Here are the top three things you need to know this week.

We’re launching a new series to help get our members the information they need to know, faster. Each week we’ll compile the top three topics in the world of politics, development, safety, elections, Union news, and more.

Here is the SWRCC Top Three for the week of January 4th, 2021:

  • Two allies of the SWRCC were sworn into office: Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper and New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan took the Senatorial Oath of Office on January 3rd.
  • COVID-19 Update: cases are surging in Southern California, new laws are in effect, and new state orders and mandates are being enforced. Check our COVID-19 page on swcarpenters.org for all the updated news across our six states.
  • The run-off elections for Georgia’s Senate seats are today, January 5th. Carpenters from across the Southwest have been calling Georgians over the last three weeks encouraging them to get out and vote for the candidates of their choice. The calls were a CUPP opportunity for our members to earn hours for a CUPP credit.

Have a great week and stay safe, healthy, and essential.