Here is the SWRCC Top Three for the week of July 4

Local 1912 Marches at July 4th Parade
Even though it was a holiday, Carpenters from Local 1912 did not miss an opportunity to spread their Union pride and get to work. On the Fourth of July, our Arizona Carpenters marched and represented the Carpenters in a local Independence Day parade. Along the parade route, Local 1912 hosted a Southwest Mountain States Carpenters tent for kids to stop by and grab some candy while they tested their beginner Carpenter skills. Even on their days off, our Carpenters never miss an opportunity to share and show their communities what they are passionate about!

Local 661 Builds Little Libraries for Bakersfield Literacy Program
As a part of the “East Bakersfield Literacy Program,” Local 661 Bakersfield joined up with Councilmember Eric Arias to construct little libraries, hosted at 5 different locations in the hopes of promoting the importance of reading to combat the city’s literacy rate. Last week, our Carpenters installed the first of 5 total little libraries at the Friendship House Community Center of Bakersfield. All little libraries will include free books. When we increase literacy, we increase access to good jobs, wages and benefits. It’s Community Wealth in action! Great work to everyone involved in making this happen.

Carpenters Celebrate Congressmember Karen Bass’ Primary Win
Carpenters were on-site this Tuesday to officially celebrate Karen Bass’ primary win! Weeks after the early June primary, a final tally of votes revealed that Bass won 43.1% of the total votes, leaving behind Caruso who only earned 36% of the vote. Regardless, both candidates are still headed towards November’s mayoral race run-off to face off for the final time. Southwest Mountain States Carpenters is proud to endorse LA-native Congressmember Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles and voice of the working people. See you at the polls in November!