Here is the SWRCC Top Three for the week of March 15.

Women in Construction

Local 1977 in Las Vegas is making strides in helping women join the Union.  Representative Jovan Johnson was recently interviewed on KVVU-TV and KLAS-TV about bringing women into the Trades and into the SWRCC.

Bill Becomes Law

Americans were put first! The American Rescue Plan was signed into law. 


This bill will provide:

  • Direct relief payments to millions of Americans
  • Extended unemployment benefits through the summer
  • Increased funding for COVID-19 testing and the vaccine rollout
  • 100% subsidy for laid off workers to stay on their union health care plans
  • And so much more. . .

This bill is a huge win for union carpenters and American working families who will finally get the relief we need.

Utah State Construction Projects Get $1B Boost

State-funded construction projects are among the top beneficiaries of a $1.5-billion budget surplus carved up by Utah lawmakers during the 2021 legislative session that ended March 6.

The Utah Dept. of Transportation gained $1.1 billion in one-time funds while the Utah Dept. of Facilities Construction and Management received $658.8 million in one-time funding for new buildings, renovations and the development of two new state parks