Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of March 7th.

Katie Hobbs for Governor:

Local 1912 hosted a press conference for the Katie Hobbs for Governor campaign. During the press conference the Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate presented her economic plan for Arizona. Local 1912 President, Fabian Sandez said, “Many of the in-demand and good-paying jobs in Arizona are accessible to those who are skilled in a trade, have a specialized program certificate, or have completed an apprenticeship program like ours. Instead of focusing on only one definition of success, Katie’s Affordable Arizona plan will help everyday Arizonans get back to work in good-paying jobs or help those already working to find better-paying opportunities.”

Get Out the Vote:

Local 805 kicked off election season with a GOTV campaign over the weekend. Carpenters were talking member-to-member about the upcoming initiatives and ballot measures that will affect Ventura County.  Election season is getting underway across the Council as Locals begin interviewing potential candidates.

Women in Construction Week:

Women in Construction Week kicks off today!  From the Sisters in the Brotherhood committees to the BOOTS program, the SWRCC is making the Union accessible to women to become Union Carpenters.  Watch our kick off video Here.