Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of May 9th.

Dr. Dre Hangs with Locals 562:

Carpenters from Local 562 attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Compton High School. The new $200-million school will feature a 1200-seat performing arts theater that Dr. Dre helped to fund through a $10 million donation. The performing arts center will be the first new high school facility to be built in almost a decade in the greater Los Angeles area.

The new campus for the 126-year-old school will include new academic buildings that can serve up to 1,800 students, with the possibility to add 450 more, as well as a new gym, an aquatics center, football stadium and track. The rest of the project is funded through the district’s bond measure passed in 2015.

Updating Davis-Bacon Rules:

The White House is updating Davis-Bacon rules for the first time in 40 years.  That means more consistent work, higher wages, and better benefits for Union Carpenters.

This proposal would speed up prevailing wage updates, create more efficiencies in the current system and ensure prevailing wage rates keep up with actual wages. As Union Carpenters, we need to show our support.

SWMSRCC has been fully engaged in the push to bring historic infrastructure investments to the Southwest Mountain States. As Union Carpenters get to work on these projects—rebuilding our roads and bridges, upgrading transit and airports, and modernizing our water and energy systems–we must be paid a fair wage. Send your message in support of strong Davis-Bacon standards now.

Local 619 Carpenter Saves the Day:

California Highway Patrol Officer Tony Pacheco may owe his life to a handful of drivers who stopped and stepped in when officials say he got attacked on the freeway in San Diego last week.

Floriberto Pineda, a member of Local 619, was driving on Interstate 8 in the Mission Valley area when he and his wife saw the officer wounded and fighting for survival.

She and her husband quickly pulled over and dashed over to help. Floriberto and another man grabbed the suspect, later identified as Yuhao Du, pulling him off of Pacheco and trying to keep him from escaping.

When Floriberto was asked why he felt compelled to stop on the freeway and go after the gunman he replied, “because that’s what Union Carpenters do.”  See the story on Fox 5 San Diego.