Tough-As-Nails Carpenters

SWMSRCC Carpenters are Making Strides on Tough-As-Nails Season 4.

The Season 4 cast of Tough as Nails includes two of SWMSRCC’s very own vying for the top prize. Jorge Zavala of Local 909 and Sergio Robles of Local 714, are in the running showcasing their Union Carpenter skills with every challenge. This season is heating up and the odds are looking good that one of them will take the top step in the end.

Last season, we watched Lamar Hangar, another Nail Tough Carpenter compete. He demonstrated his mettle while blazing a path that this season’s Carpenter contestants are happy to be following.

As the season finale draws near, Carpenters across the country are gathering every Wednesday to root for our guys. It is looking probable that our brothers and sisters will soon be celebrating as one of our Carpenters drives off in the top prize, a brand-new Ford Super Duty $200,000 richer.

Tune into Tough-as-Nails Wednesdays on CBS at 10/9c.