Turning Arizona Blue

Get Out The Vote campaigns by Local 1912 helped turn Arizona Blue.

Arizona carpenters were front-and-center during the 2020 campaign season. From local races to state and national races, Local 1912 played a strong part in turning Arizona blue.

Carpenters from Local 1912 in Phoenix and Tucson volunteered to canvas and phone bank on behalf of the SWRCC Get Out The Vote campaign. Local 1912 endorsed Senate candidate Mark Kelly and actively campaigned for him throughout the year.

Local 1912 in Phoenix kicked off the Soul of the Nation bus tour with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  This was their only joint campaign appearance.

Membership at 1912 in Arizona has increased by more than 40% since 2016, giving the Local and Southwest Carpenters a strong voice for labor in the state.

In the end, Mark Kelly was elected Senator of Arizona and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, President and Vice President of the United States.