Tax Fraud Days Of Action 2023

Tax Fraud days of action are happening April 12-18th.

April 12 kicks off our annual Tax Fraud Days of Action. It is a time to stand up, speak out, and call attention to the scourge that is construction industry tax fraud.

At least 1 in 5 contractors commit federal tax fraud by paying workers under the table or by misclassifying workers as independent contractors. They do this to avoid paying taxes, workers’ comp. insurance, and other benefits. The Southwest Mountain States Carpenters are doing everything we can to help our communities fight these illegal practices and level the playing field for Union carpenters.

Members are making their voices heard in community meetings and forums. These provide an opportunity for members to speak directly to local officials and hold them accountable in eliciting necessary change.

The Carpenters Union is reaching out to workers on non-union jobsites. Many workers on non-union jobsites are unaware of their rights and protections. Through outreach, our reps are educating these workers on how these practices affect them and their families.

Carpenters are also speaking directly with elected officials. Elected officials have the power to pass legislation to put a stop to the rampant corruption. By building relationships with elected officials, the Carpenters Union can work together with them to create policies to combat tax fraud and create a better quality of life for all workers.

This criminality hurts everyone- from the worker being exploited to the taxpayer footing the bill. The Carpenters Union is committed to ending tax fraud- a plague that costs the Nation an estimated $8.4 billion annually.


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