VP Biden and Senator Harris Visit Local 1912

The candidates kicked off their Soul of the Nation bus tour.

Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris dropped by Local 1912 in Phoenix to kick off their Soul of the Nation bus tour.

SWRCC President and COO, Pete Rodriguez and Local 1912 President, Fabian Sandez were on hand to greet the Vice President and Senator before they took the stage in the Southwest Carpenters Training Center.  Mr. Biden spoke about the importance of Unions, the unwavering support both he and Senator Harris have received from the UBC throughout their careers, and the benefits of having an “army of carpenters” supporting them.

National and local media descended on Local 1912 to cover the event.  It was followed by a drive through Get Out the Vote campaign outside the Training Center where the public could pick up Biden/Harris lawn signs.