Wage Theft is the Costliest Crime in America

Wage theft is taking billions of dollars out of families’ pockets each year.

Local 555 Representatives Juan Arellano and Edgar Jauregui were interviewed by Scripps News for an expose on wage theft and its prevalence in the construction industry in Colorado and across the country.

A Local 555 Union Carpenter, that wished to remain nameless, also spoke with the Scripps reporter. He recalled his checks bouncing and being unable to cash them. Although he went on to take his former employer to court and won, he has yet to see any money. His story is one of many.

A New Law Brings New Hope

Wage theft is taking millions of dollars out of people’s pockets each year; making it the costliest crime in America. Denver City Council recently passed a law that makes wage theft under $2,000 a crime in hopes of encouraging more workers to come forward.

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