Wage Theft Ordinance Passes in Denver

The passage of the wage theft ordinance empowers Denver workers by creating a pathway to recovering stolen wages.

Congratulations are in order for Organized Labor and Organizations in Denver, who just this week succeeded in ensuring workers wages.

Denver City Council voted 12 – 0 to enact 22-1614, legislation that will ensure Denver workers are paid what they are legally owed. The policy creates an administrative pathway for workers to recover stolen wages by filing a complaint with Denver’s auditor. Wage theft occurs whenever a worker is paid less than what they are owed. It includes minimum wage violations, misclassification, meal break violations, forcing someone to work “off the clock,” or paying less than the agreed-upon wage.

Mark Thompson, Lead Representative of Southwest Carpenters 555 shared, “This ordinance means that all Denver workers became the most protected in the nation. Workers’ courage and willingness to turn wage theft into wage justice as well as their persistence and values crafted a bill that will for the first time in our city’s history comprehensively protect workers from wage theft.”

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