What is Davis-Bacon?

Why should we care about Davis-Bacon?

We talk a lot around here about Davis-Bacon.  You may be wondering what it is.

Davis-Bacon, otherwise known as Prevailing Wage, is a federal law that mandates workers are paid union scale on all federal projects. Without Davis-Bacon, union contractors would have to compete with the underground economy. And jobs taxpayers fund could go to out-of-state workers who are willing to work for considerably less. 

But with Davis-Bacon – all contractors must bid at our scale on taxpayer funded jobs, creating a level playing field, and putting more money in your pocket.  

Some politicians in Washington want to get rid of Davis-Bacon and cut your pay so big business can make even more money.  These same politicians recently voted to repeal Davis-Bacon and are up for (re)election.

We need to  vote  OUT those that want us to work for less, and  vote  IN candidates who stand up for local wages and benefits.