April 13-19th: Union Carpenters will host events and demonstrations to stand up against construction industry wage theft and tax fraud.

It’s that time of year again, Carpenters. Tax Fraud Days of Action are upon us, and April 13th will kick off a week of UBC regional events, demonstrations, and important messages from elected officials taking action against construction industry employer wage theft and tax fraud.  

When contractors cheat, everyday taxpayers shoulder the cost. Approximately $28 billion to be more precise. The construction industry is vulnerable to employer misconduct which includes worker exploitation, worker misclassification, wage theft, union-busting, and tax fraud, among other crimes, and nearly 40% all construction workers across the country are left with no choice but to rely on public assistance programs to cover basics like food and healthcare.  

WSRCC is committed to worker rights, and that means educating our communities and policymakers about the cost of letting crooked contractors off the hook when it comes to paying fair wages and abiding by the law.  

Please join us to stand up against these crimes.  Click here to find an event in your area and learn more about construction industry tax fraud and wage theft here