WSRCC Top Three: Week of January 8th

Here is the Top 3 for the week of January 8th.

Girl Scouts Takeover Local 1977 for Derby Build

Approximately 100 Girl Scouts will arrive at Local 1977 this weekend to build powderpuff derby cars ahead of their big race.

Union Carpenter volunteers will be on site to help each girl bring their derby car design to life and earn their patch for this event. WSRCC Local 1977 has previously hosted the girl scouts and assisted them in using their STEM, wood handling, and craft skills to help construct their individual derby cars.

The annual derby car race will take place on Saturday, January 20th at the Las Vegas Training Center.

Local 1912 Participates in Camp 48 Build Event

Last Thursday, Carpenters Local 1912 partnered with DPR Construction for Camp 48 for kids.

The 1-day event that took place at Mesa Community College helped students explore careers in construction while giving them the opportunity to get hands-on experience by building a doghouse. Union Carpenters taught students how to safely use tools, properly handle material, and the basics of wood and metal stud framing.

By participating in events like this, Local 1912 aims to inspire a new generation of skilled and confident craftsmen and women.

Celebrating 100+ Hours of Volunteerism with CUPP Rings

Have you seen pictures of Brothers and Sisters sporting their new CUPP rings yet? It’s more than just jewelry – it’s a badge of pride.

Participating Union Carpenters are eligible to receive a champion style ring for reaching the remarkable milestone of 100+ CUPP hours in a calendar year. The CUPP ring serves as a symbol of commitment and community service for Carpenters who go beyond the call.

Join the ranks of Carpenters making a difference by giving back to your community. Visit wscarpenters.org/participate-in-cupp/ to find upcoming CUPP opportunities near you.