WSRCC Top Three: April 1st

Here is the WSRCC Top Three for the week of April st.

WSRCC at the ITC

Last week Union leaders met in Las Vegas, to sign a construction and maintenance agreement with BNSF Railway for the Barstow International Gateway. This highly anticipated project was approved in the spring of 2023, with support of local Barstow residents. This agreement marks a big moment for Union Carpenters setting a path to more #JobsWagesBenefits.


Seattle Union Carpenters Put Boots to the Ground

Last week, Union Carpenters from Local 206 Union took to downtown Seattle’s streets to defend area-standard wages. EST Frank Hawk, alongside WSRCC representatives, walked the picket line in solidarity with unrepresented and exploited carpenters at Jays Drywall, advocating for workers’ rights and standing up against cheating contractors shoulder to shoulder in all 12 states.


Local 619 Journeyman Graduation

Graduation season is ramping up across the WSRCC. Local 619 hosted its Journeyman Graduation this past Saturday. Family and friends of the graduates gathered at Local 619 for the ceremony that recognizes the hard work and the dedication of these Apprentices-turned-Journeyman as they complete 4+ years of training and education. Congratulations to Local 619 Class of 2024!

To view photos from the event, click here.