WSRCC Top Three: March 11th

Here is the WSRCC Top Three for the week of March 11th.

Keys to the Future Event

Carpenters Local 661 hosted the Keys to the Future Women in construction week luncheon this past Friday. Tradeswomen were invited to the Local to take part in a networking event, with vendors and electeds. The main draw was an all-women lead panel discussion of industry guest speakers. This event was held in partnership PDA Consulting Group representing the Burbank airport terminal replacement. We look forward to the opportunities that these changes will bring and can’t wait for what lies ahead.


WA Voter Registration

Washington Carpenters Local 360 is doing their part to get members registered to vote! Local representatives put out the call to any members hoping to register ahead of tomorrow’s primary day. This opportunity was extended for those who are not yet registered in Washington state or who need to update their voter registration information. Every vote matters and registering to vote is a crucial step in making sure your voice is heard. Together we can make a difference!


Colorado Letters to legislators

Union Carpenters came together to make their voices heard by writing to legislators in support of Wage Theft Legislation.The letters highlighted the importance of holding those who engage in wage theft accountable, to ensure that all workers are compensated fairly for their labor. Their collective action serves as a reminder to legislators ahead of House vote. It’s time to clean up our industry!