WSRCC: Top Three March 18th

Here is the WSRCC Top Three for the week of March 18th

St. Patrick’s Day Parades
Locals across the WSRCC joined in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this weekend. Utah Local 801, Montana Local 82, and Washington Local 59 put boots to the ground participating in parades. Local 801 updated their Carpenter toolbox float to fit the theme of the year Celebrating Irish Hospitality, creating a bar top complete with pendulum lamps and festive decorations. Local 82 celebrated in Butte waking alongside Senate candidate Jon Tester and in Great Falls where Carpenters and their families joined in the procession. Local 59 in Spokane participated in the 44th annual friendly sons of St. Patrick’s Day parade strolling through downtown Spokane in a sea of green.

Highschool Woodshop Gets a Facelift thanks to Local 1977
Las Vegas Union Carpenters came together to give back to their Local trades school, Southeast Career and Technical Academy. In an era where interest in vocational education is on the rise, the significance of a well-equipped and organized woodshop cannot be overstated. With more students expressing interest in pursuing careers in the trades post-high school, this initiative aims to provide them with an inspiring environment conducive to learning and honing their skills. Over 20 Union Carpenters set to cleaning and rearranging the workshop, ensuring it becomes a safe, efficient, and stimulating space for the next generation of builders.

AZ Gov. Hobbs Press Conference at Local 1912
Governor Katie Hobbs visited Arizona Local 1912 to celebrate the milestone of 81,800 jobs created during her first year in office surrounded by Union Carpenters. In addition to the job creation figures, Arizona’s standing in the national job growth rankings has also seen a substantial improvement. Moving up from the 11th position in 2022, the state now proudly holds the 4th spot nationwide. This milestone is a testament to Hobbs commitment to fostering economic growth and career opportunities for Arizonians.

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