WSRCC Top Three: March 25th

Here is the Top Three for the week of March 25th

Celebrating Local 909 Journeymen Graduates

Local 909 graduated its latest class of Journeyman over the weekend. Nearly 90 Journeyman Carpenters received certificates from Vice President Frank Zambrano at the event. Family and friends of the graduates gathered at Local 909 training center for the ceremony. This graduation recognizes the hard work and the dedication of these Apprentices-turned-Journeyman as they complete 4+ years of training and education.

Click here to view photos from the event!

Local 1912 attends the Latinos con Biden Harris

Local 1912 Union Carpenters were present at President Joe Biden’s ‘Latinos con Biden-Harris’ event in Arizona this past week. The event’s main objective is to mobilize Latino voters to participate in the upcoming elections. President Biden had a few words to say which included, “Let’s remember who we are. We’re the United States of America. Nothing is beyond our capacity when we work together.” This gathering served as a platform to engage and empower Latino voters, encouraging them to exercise their right to vote and have a say in shaping the future of the country.

Career Connections outreach at 39th Annual Student Career Expo

WS Career Connections Program is making strides to educate students of the Oxnard Unified School District at the 39th Annual Student Career Expo. This initiative aims to engage with students and inspire them to consider a career as Union Carpenters. By participating in events like the career expo, Career Connections can showcase the opportunities available to them as Union Carpenters, providing students valuable information to help them pursue a path in carpentry free of student debt.