WSRCC Top Three Week of January 15th

Here is the Top Three for the week of January 15th.

MLK Kingdom Day Parade

Southern California Locals put boots on the ground this morning at the 38th Annual Kingdom Day Parade. Over 100 Union Carpenters and their families joined the 1.5-mile-long parade procession, President Sean Hartranft, Vice-President Frank Zambrano, and Chief of Staff Favian Gillen joined in on the celebration. This event allows us the unique ability to share the ways in which Union jobs create Community Wealth.

Filling your CUPP by feeding others

Utah Local Union 801 started off the new year on the right foot. Union Carpenters volunteered at their Local foodbank, preparing, and organizing food goods for the disadvantaged. Without missing a beat, members began the year by filling their CUPP. Participating in volunteer activities is a way to ensure the future of our communities. Visit wscarpenters.org/participate-in-cupp/ to sign up for CUPP opportunities near you.

CUPP Stipend Check Update

Direct deposit for CUPP Checks begins the week of January 22nd! Physical checks will be mailed in late January, with an expected delivery the first week of February. For questions regarding CUPP Checks, please reach out to your Local to get in contact with your CUPP manager.