WSRCC Top Three: Week of May 13th

Here is the Top Three for the Week of May 13th.

Disneyland Forward Project Approved

Exciting update from Orange County! On May 7th, after three years of discussions, the Anaheim City Council gave unanimous approval to the DisneyForward project. This expansion initiative, operating under a PLA, is projected to generate almost 9,000 Union jobs over the course of the nearly 10-year plan. Alongside the park expansion, the DisneyForward project has committed to investing $48 million in various Anaheim City upgrades and projects, including affordable housing.

Infrastructure Week

This week kicks off Infrastructure week, a celebration of the investment in America by this administration through legislation like the CHIPS and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Investing in infrastructure is essential for our communities and provides employment opportunities for Union Carpenters across the WSRCC. This morning, the White House released a factsheet of key projects breaking-ground across the nation, click here to read more.

Voter Guide

Voting is not just a civic duty but an act of solidarity. When you vote, you join a movement of millions who believe in democracy, equality, and progress. Every vote counts, and every vote builds a stronger future. Join the movement, make your mark, and vote. Make sure to review your Carpenters voting guide to select the best candidates and legislation, prioritizing our Union jobs, wages, and benefits!

Click here to visit the VOTE page to learn more.