Build Better Communities


Build Better Communities

Western States Carpenters has a clear vision for a better future through union labor.

Skilled, union jobs have the power to build stronger communities, driving economic growth security across the Western States. Unions put everyone on the path to prosperity by building good-paying careers, creating opportunities and hope. 

When our Union is strong, our communities are strong. Which leads to improvements in our schools, our neighborhoods, and our future. 

We all build better when we build up the communities where we live.

See how our Carpenters are building better here.

Building Community Wealth

What is Community Wealth?

Community Wealth is a pathway to prosperity. Community Wealth ensures people have access to healthcare, economic security, and personal growth.  It’s an investment that expands but doesn’t harm opportunities for people who have been traditionally excluded from prosperity. It is an investment in people and property to ensure everyone has a place in their community.  Through implementing policies that promote Community Wealth, we have an opportunity to secure the future of our cities by creating new pathways to health and economic growth for all.

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Western States Carpenters encourages Union Members to be highly engaged in the political process, to register to vote, and to vote. WSRCC supports candidates who, regardless of the political party, support investing in infrastructure, prevailing wages for workers, and protecting benefits. Learn more about the issues Carpenters care about most.

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CUPP is the Carpenters Union Participation Program, a council-wide volunteer effort to make a difference in our local communities. Whether attending a city council meeting, building a ramp at a veteran’s home, fixing a sidewalk for the elderly, or framing a house for Habitat for Humanity, we can leverage Carpenters’ amazing skills to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Learn more about Southwest Mountain States Carpenters’ Career Connections program designed to bring cutting-edge technical education and a pathway to a middle-class career to schools in the Southwest Mountain States.

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Our members’ mental health is extremely important to us. Learn more about benefits and resources Southwest Mountain States Carpenters provides to Union Members.

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