Women In Construction Week

Women in Construction Week: March 3rd – 9th

WSRCC makes a point of celebrating our Sister Carpenters all year. The Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) Committee and the Bridging Outstanding Opportunities with Tradeswomen Skills (BOOTS) Pre-Apprenticeship program provide safe spaces, access to resources and specialized training, and incredible support systems for our Sisters day-to-day. 

Our Sisters have contributed to major public works and infrastructure projects, such as the Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles, and most recently, the Abernethy Bridge in Oregon City, who hired between 8-9% women at each location respectively. While the percentages seem fractional, the growth of women working in the trades is worth mentioning. Women currently make up 10.9% of the construction workforce.  

Council programs for our Sisters offer considerable support for the unique experiences women face out in the field. Likewise, annual events, such as Women in Construction Week hosted by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) offer more recognition and support for our Sisters.  

Women in Construction Week (WIC) begins this year on March 3, 2024. The week-long event celebrates women in construction trades across the country with a virtual kick-off event, virtual panel discussions and lectures, and local chapter in-person meetings and activities. Learn more at NAWIC’s website

This year’s theme is ‘Keys to the Future’ and it only seems fitting since more women are finding viable careers in the trades as barriers to entry erode. Union membership, pay equality, diversity and inclusion policies, and worker’s protections are major advancements in the industry that are setting the groundwork for future inclusion and more opportunities for women.